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IDF SHG Federation
  • About Federation
    • Owned by member-SHGs and receives entire funds of SHGs in accounts opened with it, laws are not violated for public deposits/savings
    • Managed by Trustees and funds are in the hands of the trust
    • Capable of buying equity in IDF FSPL
  • Objectives of Federation
    • To inculcate the habit of thrift among the SHG members
    • To enable the SHG members to access finance, insurance, provide insurance and other financial services for their mutual benefit
    • To conduct training programs for the ‘MEMBER SHG’s in managing their affairs
    • Training the SHG members of village towards awareness, economic development, education and empowerment progress in all respect
    • To encourage and promote service in social, educational, health and economic development with the holistic approach
  • Functions of Federation
    • Collect savings from SHGs.
    • Subscribe to Capital of IDF FSPL.
    • Use savings for investment in approved investments.
    • Deal with their specific set of SHGs only and will have no transactions with other institutions of Federations or SHGs.
  • Governance of Federation
    • All SHG through cluster representatives constitute the General Body
    • IDF appoints the Chairman Trustee IDF/IDF FSPL to provide financial and operational trustees
  • Federation Management
    • Two trustees elected from Leaders and will be trained for future management, under strict standards of management
  • Assist organizing the poor into Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Build the capacity of
    Self Help Groups...