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Success Stories
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  • Prema, Vigneshwara SHG, Fast Food Canteen
  • Pushpawahi, Gramadevathe SHG, Sells Innerwear for Men and Women
  • Savita Shivnande Mared, Seamstress, Renukadvi SHG
  • Manjura Hampannavar, Beautician, Sri Saineath SHG
  • Yallava's Vessel Business
  • Small Shop Employs Handicap Women
  • Garment Making Group Enterprise
  • Weaving Life Through Embroidery
  • Savanuru khara that made life sweeter!
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News Updates
19th Annual General Meetings of IDF Financial Services Pvt Ltd

Guest invitee - Prof. Sriram – visiting faculty - IIM Bangalore addressing the members at 19th Annual General Meeting of IDF FSPL

Annual General Meetings- Proceedings by Sri. V N Salimath, Chairman, IDF FSPL

Sri. Vijay V Kulkarni, Director, addressing the members

"Festival Bazaar" Organized in Dharwad

Festivals are joyous occasions where the people celebrate with new purchases. To assist the members of the Self Help Groups to encash upon this opportunity, the Company with the active sponsorship of NABARD, IDF trust and SHG Federations has been conducting special festival bazaars in Dharwad, Belgaum& Haveri districts of Karnataka. These festival bazaars provide a platform for SHG members to exhibit their talents and workmanship and market their products, which is a very good value addition to their micro enterprises. Not only will the SHG members benefit from such programmes, even the public at large will get the advantage of buying directly from the producers at lower prices. The responses to these Bazaars are really overwhelming. During 2011-12, the following festival bazaars were organized:

Name of the Festival Bazaar Date Place No.of
Total Volume
of Business(In Rs.)

10-11-2011 to 12-11-2011 Belgaum 50 SHGs
Special Bazaar
01.10.2011 to 03.10.2011
Hubli 40SHGs 2800 64000
22.10.2011 to 24.10.2011
Dharwad 40SHGs 2200 115000
Special Bazaar
29.10.2011 to 31.10.2011
Dharwad 40SHGs 2000 60000

IDF SHG Federation – Gadag "Annual General Body Meeting" held on 27.09.2012

IDF SHG Federation – Haveri "Annual General Body Meeting" held on 26.09.2012

IDF SHG Federation – Tumkur "Annual General Body Meeting" held on 24. 09.2012

IDF SHG Federation – Belgaum "Annual General Meeting" held on 13.09.2012

IDF SHG Federation – Dharwad "Annual General Body Meeting" held on 26.08.2012

Trip to China, September 2010

Vivekanand N Salimath, Chairman, IDF FSPL and Treasurer of Sa Dhan, was invited to participate in Chinese Association of Microfinance (CAM) Annual Conference 2010 and China Micro Finance Summit held on 16th and 17thth September 2010 at Beijing, China. He made a presentation on overview of Indian Microfinance in the summit.

With an outstanding, and invigorating true account Kalamma from Gramina Mahila Okkuta captured the audience’s attention from the start of the inaugural function. The high turnout was encouraging for both IDFF staff and the SHG women.

S.V. Sannaki, Tumkur Federation Chairperson addressed the audience explaining the concept and purpose of the function. The main purposes he explained included:

  • Providing institutional identity for the member groups
  • Representing member’s interest and addresses poverty of the community.
  • Meeting financial and civic needs of members like water, health, sanitation, housing, education basic infrastructure, alcoholism, gender issues, insurance community development etc apart from keeping microfinance as focused need.
  • Developing of people’s organization with local leadership with an advantage of scale.
  • Ensuring quality across the clusters and SHGs through self regulation
  • Promoting and develop new products.

The primary function and service this new representative body will hold include:

  • Meet the credit gaps of SHGs with the financial assistance of IDF FSPL
  • Capacity building of SHGs, Cluster Groups for self management and problem solving.
  • Linkage with Federation and IDF FSPL, LSGs, government agencies and development agencies.
  • Promotion and development of new products
  • Promote special programs to meet socio-economic and civic needs of members.
It is hoped to bring better interface between IDFF staff and the SHG women, increase efficiency in services, and increase the overall success of the Federation in servicing the needs of the SHGs.

In addition to the speakers address, Exhibition of SHG products were showcased in tangent to the event. Here, women were able to sell and explain various products such as food products, leaf plates, and handicrafts. Also, pamphlets were available on mental health related matters.

V.N. Salimath, Chairman of IDF Financial Services gave the closing speech. Overall IDF team was very pleased with the events’ organization, message, and contribution to better understanding the role IDFF plays for SHG women.
Financial Services for Empowerment—IDF FSPL’s Video Documentary

After numerous hours spent editing, script writing, and video shooting, the IDF Team has put together a video documentary explaining our mission as a community based microfinance institution and our inclusive SHG concept model. The video was first debuted at the IDF SHG Federation Inauguration in Dharwad on 20 December 2009. Copies of the video can be found at IDF FSPL Registered Office in Bangalore. Please contact IDF FSPL Bangalore Office for DVD copy availability.

IDF Financial Services Private Limited Federation Inauguration 20-December-2009

SHG Fed. Invt     IDF SHG Federations

“On 20th December 2009 at Modern Hall in Dharwad, IDF FSPL held a formal inaugural for the inception of its federations. In addition to 1,000 plus SHG women attendees, guest speakers such as Smt Arundhati Bhattacharya—the Chief General Manager of the State Bank of India, Sri Nareshkumar Malhotra—General Manager of State Bank of India, Sri Pralhad Joshi—the Honorable Member of Parliament Dharwad, and Sri K.S. Prakash Rao—IDF Chairman were all in attendance and addressed the audience with individual speeches. The event was a tremendous success and left IDF team, the SHG women, and the eminent speakers with bright thoughts and fresh ideas for the New Year.”
Training to IDF FSPL officers on Accounts and Book-keeping

  • An in-house training on Accounts and Books keeping was conducted for the Credit Officers and the Credit Managers of the IDF FSPL, at the Area Office, Tumkur on 30.09.2009.
  • Objective of the training was to provide ToT (Training of Trainers) to the Credit Officers and the Credit Managers to provide training to the field level functionaries (Community Organisers) to enable them to train in turn the SHG book-writers in the field.
  • About 35 trainees were present and trained.
  • The resource persons were the senior executives from the IDF and IDF FSPL, HO, Bangalore.
  • 3-4 live examples of the SHG transactions over a period of time were selected and administered to the trainees for solving / writing the books of accounts.
  • At the end of the training, the trainees were able to get many of their doubts cleared even on certain fundamentals of Accounts and Book-keeping.
  • Similar trainings were replicated on 03.10.2009 at the branch office levels under Tumkur Area Office. It was at Tumkur, Kunigal, Madhugiri and Hiriyur branch offices. The Credit Officers and the Credit Managers trained the Community Organisers and the senior executives from the HO, Bangalore witnessed the same as observers. About 140 Community Organisers at the Area Office, Tumkur were covered. These COs learnt quickly in a single day and were confident enough to train the SHG book-keepers.
  • A dead line of 31st October 2009 was given to the Credit Officers and the Community Organisers to complete the pending books of accounts at the SHG level under the supervision of the Credit Managers.

IDF FSPL Training Video

  • “Lights, Camera, Action, Video Shoot Dharwad” 22-23 October 2009. Soon to be released is IDF FSPL’s first ever, video documenting IDF FSPL concept and methodology from the eyes of its most important members—SHGs.
  • The video is being shot in Dharwad and will include live footage of SHG, cluster, and Federation and FSPL meetings. Characters are actual members of IDF FSPL staff and community.

Statistics31st Mar 2014
  • Number of SHGs

  • Number of Loan Clients

  • Amt Disbursed (Rs. Lakhs)

  • Amt Outstanding (Rs. Lakhs)

  • Number of Staff (total)

  • Number of Field Staff