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  • IDF FSPL will focus on organization of the poor at grassroots level through a process of social mobilization for poverty eradication.
  • Social mobilization enables the poor build their own organizations Micro Self-Help Groups (mSHGs) in which they participate fully and directly and take decisions on all issues concerning poverty eradication.
  • Simultaneously, mSHGs have the advantage of the assistance, be it in terms off credit or technology or market guidance etc., reaching the poor faster and more effectively.
  • Micro Self-Help Groups broadly go through three stages of evolution.
  • Group formation (formation, development and strengthening of the groups to evolve into self-managed peoples organizations at grassroots level).
  • Capital formation through the revolving fund, Skill development (managerial skills for management of their organizations as well as the activity)
  • Taking up economic activity for income generation.
  • Assist organizing the poor into Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Build the capacity of
    Self Help Groups...